The Power of Bonds

Issue 15: Huh?!
May 19th, 2015, 8:05 am

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Essentially Page 12 from Nega's perspective

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Author's Comments:

Let's turn back the clock for a moment.

Posted by witswithme
May 18th, 2015, 1:40 pm

Time to see what happened to Eggman Nega when the Time Eater struck.

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July 19th, 2018, 5:54 pm

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Reader's Comments:

A few missing bits of information

Posted by DanteScales (Guest)
May 19th, 2015, 12:40 pm

Lets get the facts straight up to now, we have no idea what Eggmand Nega or the Time Eater, we do know the Time Eater has gone and thrown Blaze away for some unknown reason, (one can at least assume he wanted to get the sol emeralds away from the Nega, but beyond that its unclear)

The last known idea we have, is Blaze could be with sonic, but beyond that we have little idea.

If anything this is a lot like a bit of time traveling shenanigans going on my story. Basically, guy is traveling through time, trying to prevent a lot of bad things from happening, but ends up tearing apart just about everything before a immortal, (I wont go into great detail, but if your immortal, you ignore the flow of time, in other words, something bounces back to a earlier time or something is changed suddenly, he or she isn't effected.) So he finds out, catches the time traveler or at least one of them, (again time travel, it messes up a lot of logic). He convinces him to stop messing with the current timeline, and sort of makes a greater appearance in later chapters and of course the second major book. (There is a lot of books in this story...and I just said way to much.)

If you've gotten this point now, then sorry for making you read all that.

Extremmefan's perspective

Posted by Extremmefan
May 19th, 2015, 2:36 pm

I guess both of them got affected by the Time Eater's attack (but that only Blaze caught a glimpse of the Time Eater's head).

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